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Print Van Paris is a mobile screen printing van offering limited edition hand printed t-shirts in Paris this summer 2014. 


An A-Z list of all participating artists, designers, illustrators of the Print Van Paris.


All artists (A-Z)


(Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)

 Bijdevleet / Tim Bontan
(Rotterdam/ Netherlands)

Sarah Boris
(London, UK)

Happy Lovers Town
(Pistoia, Italy)

Jean Jullien

Lyon, France

Simon Landrein
(Paris & London)

Luca Font
(Milano, Italy)

Sarah Parsons
(Zurich, Suisse)

Victoria Roussel
(Paris, France)

Andrew Thorpe
(London, UK)

Aude Koenig
(Paris, France)


Atelier Deux-Mille
(Toulouse, France)

Lucas Beaufort
(Cannes, France)

Vincent Berthou
(Nantes, France)

Chad Easton aka TIMBER
Los Angeles, USA

Jessie & Katey

(Paris, France)

Kyler Martz
Seattle (USA)

Virginie Morgand
(Lyon, France)

Jonathan Djob Nkondo
(London & Paris)

Supermundane / Rob, Lowe
(London, England)