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Print Van Paris is a mobile screen printing van offering limited edition hand printed t-shirts in Paris this summer 2014. 


Screen Printing

This page describes the method of screen printing inside the Print Van Paris. It also describes the t-shirts on offer and a basic introduction to screen printing.



Printing in the van is set up on bespoke table in the back of the van. There will be up to 3-5 designs to choose from and two beds to print. Each design is a one colour print and customers can choose from a variety of papaerstock, t-shirts or tote bags. 

All screens are prepped and exposed before each weekend.  
We offer two/three designs for you to choose from. Two PrintVan Paris designs an a feautred artist.

To dry the ink on the t-shirts we use a hairdryer so t-shirts can be dried quickly to then be taken away. 

Colours are run randomly based on availability and on how quickly the screen dries out. Screen can be washed outside of the van.

All of the inks used are very kindly supplied by Permaset Aqua. The inks are non solvent and water based.
We also have super cover inks to punchy colours on dark fabrics.

We are also very kindly supported by Imprimerie du Marais 


Printing station inside the Print Van

                                                                                          Inside layout of the van.   

T- Shirts

The Print Van Paris offers the public the chance to print unique carefully curated designs on t-shirts, paper or tote bags.


Screen Printing

Screenprinting is a very hands on print technique. A screen is built out of polyfibre mesh and the design is burnt onto the screen using a light sensitive emulsion. Each colour requires a separate screen. A squeegee is used to press ink through the stencil on the the print surface.  

The ink is pure waterbased arcylic and can be washed off easily. Sreenprinting is ideal to print on any surface. The Print Van Paris focuses on printing on t-shirts and paper.


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